Mangosteen Benefits Weightloss

June 29, 2011 by  
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This tropical fruit tastes so good, that people have dubbed it the “Queen” of fruits. It is grown in Asia and is cultivated in South India Central America and some parts of the Caribbean. It tastes like many fruits rolled into one. Some say the tastes is indescribable. However, the health benefits are found in the rind.

It appears that this fruit is loaded with antioxidant in  the form of xanthones.  These are adaptogens which help the body to heal and protect itself. Mangosteen contain 43 of the 200 xanthones that have been identified. Scientist have been able to document  several diseases that seem to respond positively to it.  But  did  you know that research has also discovered another mangosteen benefit? Just recently a study came out which showed that  combination of mangosteen extract and the flower Sphaeranthus indicus a flower found in India was able to induced weight loss by three different pathways in the body.

In the double blind study the obese subjects were able to show a decline of 2.05 in mass body index a reduction of 4.05 inches in belly fat and an impressive 11.4 pounds after only eight weeks. In addition those two plant extracts was protective against coronary thrombosis. Just imagine some of the people who supplement with this dual extract dropped their triglycerides levels by 60%. The nutritional mangosteen benefits just seem to be getting better and better as more research continues with this wonderful fruit. If you are struggling to lose weight and would like to try this formula. You can find it at the Life Extension website, it is called -

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