Super Foods – Anti-aging, Antioxidants

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Filed under Videos Super foods bring you the best anti-aging solutions available. Better than any cream or medicine, tomatoes contain antioxidant properties that will keep you young. If you want to stay young longer then incorporate these anti-aging foods into your diet. The top super foods all will help to prevent aging. There are many super foods and everyone has a different list. These are the top 12 super foods with antioxidant properties to keep you young Broccoli, Garlic, Black Beans, Sweet potatoes or other yellow squashes, Yogurt, Soy, Turkey, Green Tea, Tomatoes, Blueberries, Spinach or other dark leafy greens, Walnuts ,and Salmon (wild caught). Super foods are the best anti aging solution there is. You can learn more about super foods and foods that are great for anti-aging due to the high amounts of antioxidants at: http Deb Bixler is dedicated to making a difference in children’s health through nutrition and wellness schooling. Using excellent for you food choices and fun, fast and healthy cooking courses,Bixler teaches families fun, fast and healthy meal tips so that they can spend more quality time dining on good for you foods and live a long and vigorous life. Deb provides healthful living workshops to corporations, schools, organizations and not for profit groups. Curriculums are specifically designed for each program taking into consideration special needs and circumstances of the group

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